Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Miracle Blanket - Part 2

So.....last night was pretty good! M did sleep for about 6 hours (yaay!) but woke up twice in the 6 hours. I had to get up and pat her back to sleep both the times. But that's not too bad because I did not have to feed her. It takes at least 30 minutes each time to feed and burp her at night. So last night was not bad at all. Sure, I did not get my 5+ hours of uninterrupted sleep that I was so looking forward to but I still slept longer than usual. I'll take that!

Just a quick note on the Miracle Blanket. It is a swaddling wrap that stays in place and makes babies feel secure. We tried using a regular blanket as a swaddle but she would squirm her way out of it in no time. This one is more tight and unlike other thicker wraps available in the market, this one is made from cotton and is light. I wish I'd known about this a little sooner. I highly recommend this to all new moms! :-)


Foodie's Hope said...

Do you have any miracle blanket for 15yr old girl who just started driving my SUV??!!:D:D
Trisha, my daughter is killing me,very scary!:))
I never gave them any things for comfort when they were babies, they slept with me Indian syle for first 2 yrs and asked me they wanted their own rooms later! Neat, hah?But I am glad your baby is sleeping for a longer time, whatever works will do!! Enjoy!!

I will make your Kootu and post it with credit to you later sometime!
I am going to tag you tomorrow for "The Butterfly Effect"! Check out!!:))

Foodie's Hope said...

Vani, my tag post is up and you are tagged!! Take it up if you like,no obligation!!

Vani said...

Aw Asha, I feel your fear when your 15 yr old drives! I'll have to face it sometime too, but not for at least another 14 yrs and 10 months, thank God!

You tagged me?! How sweet! My very first tag! Looking forward to it! :-)

Anonymous said...

Nice that you found something that works for daughter is 8 mths old now...she hated being swaddled after about 2 mths...and would scream if I so much as tried to wrap a blanket around her arms and legs. Different things work for different people, I guess.