Need to Vent

What is with people who dole out advice unabashedly? What makes them think that the other person wants to hear them anyway? Or is it that they think they know everything and can't wait to share with the world what they think they know? I have the misfortune of knowing this one person, talking with whom makes me want to scream! Tell her something as mundane as "Oh, I ran out of rice when we had someone over" and she immediately responds "You know, you should make more rice the next time!". Gee thanks, my dear. If it had not been for you stating the obvious, there was no way I'd figure that out by myself! But I digress. I really wanted to write about how annoying it has been with a few people, after my baby was born. Most people are nice and want to share their experiences, which I love and always welcome. But these other people's attitude is more like "I know better than you so let me tell you!". They have one or two kids and think they are better than pediatricians! It is "you should do this", "you shouldn't do that" all the time. Enough already! If I want advice about anything, I'll ASK for it. The other thing about them is commenting on how I take care of my baby - "oh, she feeds too often", "she feeds too less","she should massage more often" etc. What makes people think it's alright to comment or discuss my way of handling things? It is after all my baby and I know her needs the best! Don't they remember how annoying it was when they had a baby and had people who kept giving advice? My baby and how I bring her up is not for anyone to discuss. I really want to tell them "Don't make my baby your business. Not now, not EVER!" but until I marshal enough nastiness to be as rude as they are, I guess I'll just continue to grin and bear it for a while longer.

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