Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Tomato & Onion Raitha

Raitha is one of the easiest things to make. The varieties of raithas are innumerable! One can switch the vegetables or the tempering or the seasoning to come up with countless variations. I can eat raitha just by itself. Of course, they make great accompaniment to pulaos, biryanis, khichdis, stuffed parathas and bhaths. Raithas can be made with fresh cucumber, tomatoes, onions, cooked greens, beets, boiled potatoes, grilled eggplants, boiled beans (like kidney beans, garbanzo, black etc.) The possibilities are endless! Here is a simple raitha with tomatoes and onions that is easy to make and delicious to taste!


1 Tomato (chopped)
1 small Onion (chopped)
2 tbsp chopped Cilantro
1 Green Chilly/Serrano pepper
1 cup thick Yogurt
1/4 cup water (optional. can be skipped if the yogurt is not too thick)
Salt to taste
1/4 tsp Mustard Seeds
Pinch ofAsafoetida (hing)
1/2 tsp Oil

In a bowl, whisk yogurt and water together until smooth. Add the chopped tomatoes, onions & cilantro. In a small kadai, heat oil. Add mustard seeds. Once the seeds splutter, add hing & green chilly & fry for a few seconds. Add to the yogurt. Add salt to taste.

Variation: Add 1/2 tsp chaat masala, 1/8 tsp jeera powder and 1/8 tsp red chilly powder in place of the tempering for an even easier variation.


Anonymous said...

I agree, this is the simplest raita! Adding asafoetida is new to me. I will try that.

Ashwini said...

When I worked in Bangalore I loved the palyas they served in restaurants like Santhi Sagar etc...I will try your palya pudi and let you looks wonderful

Foodie's Hope said...

Refreshing raita, I love it specially goes well with Bisi Bele Bhath! Btw, while your mum's here,aske her to make BBB & post it for us.There are abt 6-7 variations out there, not from Mysooru girl:) Do you know from Nov 01st it's Mysooru,Bangalooru, etc

Anonymous said...

Yummy!!! I love raitha :)

Chandrika said...

Vani, adding hing to raitha sounds so novel. Will try it immediately! :-)

Anonymous said...

hi vani,
i always add hing to potato raita... being kannadiga i cant live without curds and these raitas r so healty and tasty at a same time... i love pinapple, potato, capsicum, tomato(almost all) raitas...i too have posted some raitas in my blog...

Mantu said...

Hey Vani ,raitas are my fav also , simple but ahealthy thing ,hing is also new to me will try it now ,I have tried making with chaat masala and cumin powder , they taste great ...

Vani said...

RP- Thanks for stopping by! Yup, this one especially is very simple. The basic tadka adds a whole different flavor to the raitha.

Ashwini- Ooh! Shanthi Sagar and all the other "Sagars" (what's with that word anyway?!) served such good food! I miss that! :(
Do let me know when you try the recipe.

Vani said...

Asha- Mom made BBB a few weeks ago but I did not get a chance to take a picture of it. Will definitely post it the next time!
Bengalooru, I'd heard. Now Mysooru too?! How pathetic is that that instead of improving the infrastructure in BLR, the govt spends crores on changing the name of the city! First Mumbai, then Chennai, then Kolkota. Now Bengalooru. I think the govts there should have found better things to spend time on! They should put a ban on any more of that nonsense!

Vani said...

KK- Me too! I love raithas of any kind. This one is so simple too!

Chandrika- Thank you for trying. Do let me know if you liked it! :-)

Supriya- I thought I'd tried raithas of every kind. But Pineapple raitha! Now that is something I want to try! And soon, hopefully! :)

Mantu- Hi! Love raithas. Makes for a quick & easy eat. The chaat masala ones are really tasty too! Do let me know if you try this one, Mantu.

Ekta said...

hey wow,
u seem to be a expert cook!
I love raitha and my fav is carrot and cucumber raitha with lotsa spices..simple and awesome

LERA said...

something different and refreshingly cool for a change , your version with hing sounds good,will try this soon...:)

Vani said...

Ekta- thanks for dropping by! I don't consider myself an expert cook, not even close! :) I just love food and like to try different recipes, when I get some time. I'm always looking for short cuts and take store help where possible :) Carrot & cucumber raitha is good! Delicious AND healthy!

Lera- please let me know when you try this one!

Lakshmi said...

nice colorful raita vani

Vani said...

Thanks, Lakshmi! :)

dRoZzY!!! said...

i just visited a foodie blog last night and i had to cry myself to sleep... i get my never-ending hunder pangs.

and this is another one.the Cabbage Bhath reminds me of my hostel days @ karnataka... and the raita above .... i am dying of hunger (yet again).

Manju Bansal said...

I also make the same raita! I put a little sugar otherwise the tomatoes make the raita sour. Instead of water, a little milk can be added.

Vani said...

Drozzy-welcome! I hope reminding you of hostel khana is not a bad thing! :) I must say the hostel I stayed in made pretty good stuff, contrary to my expectations! Or it may be that my expectations were so low that even the not-so-good stuff actually tasted good! :)

Vani said...

Manju-nice tip with the sugar there. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

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