Thursday, December 21, 2006

Cooking from the Blogs

My parents, who stayed with us for 6 months, taking care of me when I was advised bedrest, then with the delivery and help with little M, left back for India on Tuesday. We all miss them a lot. Not just because of their help but just their presence which made life feel richer. My sister Dolly, in Bangalore is probably saying gleefully "Your loss, my gain! Ha ha!" Grr! But on the brighter side, my in-laws are here with us for sometime and that makes it more bearable. I'm sure I'll feel the same way when it's time for my in-laws to leave.
I'm continuing to work part time, which works beautifully for us all. I am supposed to start full time again from Jan 1 but am hoping for a few weeks' extension. We'll see how that goes. Fingers crossed!

Here are some yummy stuff from other blogs.

I made this egg curry when we had some friends over for dinner. It turned out so well! The eggs were gone in no time and soon I was left with just the gravy! I should have boiled some more eggs and kept them aside for adding later. Lesson learnt! Here is the original recipe. Thank you, Nandita, for sharing this awesome curry recipe!

The tomato kolambu was delicious! Here is the recipe from the very enthusiastic Supriya. I cut down the number of green and red chillies. My mixer was giving me trouble so the grinding part did not come out well. The end result was a slightly runny gravy but the taste more than made up for the texture. Thank you, Sup! I hope you are having loads of fun in India!

Now that Nitin's mom is here, I hope to post some Konkani recipes soon!

Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Happy Holidays, All!


artnavy said...

Wish you and little M a great 2007. Working full time will be no problem - she will be 5 months by then- i too began then.

In hind sight I feel, if we delay for long, it makes it more difficult for both

indosungod said...

Vani, good luck with getting back to work full time. I know how that feels after maternity leave. I am guessing Nitin's mom is your MIL, baby M should be in capable hands.

Happy Holidays!

Asha said...

Hi Vaniamma,your parents left!:( Oh! I kinda miss them too.Your dad's image with the news paper and the cat!Waa..!
Both dishes look mouthwatering!Do you have Sumeet mixer? If not,get one from the best Indian grinder ever.I have Summet and Preethi Eco Chef,but don't like the second one.

I can't believe a year is almost gone so fast.Good luck with your job from new year.Nitin is Konkani?Best of both worlds,eh?;D

Well,I am off to FL Sunday.Will post my last dish on 27th for Jihva and say good bye to 2006! Nee is in NY with parents.

Have a great Christmas and very happy and properous New year. Health and happiness to all of you and kisses to M! Love you Vani.Have fun darling and I will see later!:))

Dilip UK said...

Vani, have a great xmas and new year. Dish looks good even though i don't eat eggs...~smile~...take care okay

Vani said...

Artnavy-Hi! Long time no hear! Hope you're well! Thanks for your wishes. Happy Holidays to you and your family too!
You're right. The longer you take to get back to work, the more attached the kid gets and the more difficult the separation. I am hoping though, that I could work part time for a little while longer. I don't want to miss her firsts but I still want to get out of the house and work for a few hours. But of course, that's in a utopian world and not very likely to happen! :)

Vani said...

ISG- thanks for your wishes! Yup, Nitin's mom is my mil and M is in very capable hands. Even my fil helps with the baby. They both are awesome people! No worries there.
Happy Holidays, ISG! And a happy and healthy New Year too!

Dilipji- thank you! Happy holidays to you and your family too. I hope the weather in England is behaving well! :)

Vani said...

Ashamma- yeah, the parents left!
:( You miss them too, huh?! That's sweet!
I don't have a Summet mixer. I try to manage with the Oster one that I have. This time my mom insisted on buying me a jar for dry grinding and that seems to be working well for the most part. (I made the kulambu before I got the dry grinder)
Yup, Nitin's Konkani and I love his mom's cooking. So Konkani recipes coming up soon! :)
I knew Nee was in the US, did not realize it was NY. I'm sure she's having a blast here! :)
How fun that you're off to Florida! Enjoy the hot, sunny weather and try to send some this way too! Happy Holidays and wishing you all a heathy and prosperous New Year!! Take care, sweetheart! Love ya!

Trupti said...

Have a wonderful new year, how precious it will be to celebrate with your daughter! looking forward to your MIL's Konkani recipes, I am not too familiar with them....Take care.


Vaibhav said...

Hey Vani,
I tried that chicken curry and it was just yummie. My mom used to make it and now i can make it myself.

Seema said...

Hey Vani:
I truely understand how the feeling would have been when ur parents left. I guess we have similar feeling when we leave India as well isn't it. Life is that way, It should go on no matter what isn't it. Hope you have a lovely year ahead with your loving little M. The dishes look yummy too.Thanks for sharing the pics lady!!!

Sandeepa said...

Hi Vani
Happy Holidays to You all. Have a ver Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Lot of love for little M. She must be having a blast with one granny after another :)

Vani said...

Trupti- thank you, sweetie! Happy 2007 to you and your dear ones too! I wasn't aware of Konkani recipes too until I got married! :) Coconut is a predominant ingredient. I'm looking forward to posting some nice recipes! :)

Vaibhav- U must have confused somebody's chicken curry as mine coz I haven't posted any! :)
Happy New Year, Vaibhav! Have a blast the come year! :)

Vani said...

Vaibhav- sorry! typo! I meant "coming year" :)

Seema- You're right. U feel the same way when u return from india too. I'm glad that we have my in-laws with us. Makes it easier to bear.
Happy New Year to you too, Seema! Hope u have a wonderful year ahead! :)

Sandeepa- M is sure lucky to continue to have the the attention and love of another set of grandparents. Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to you and your loved ones too, Sandeepa! :)

sra said...

Hi Vani,
happy holidays to you and family!

Vani said...

SRA- thanks! Happy Holidays to you and your family too! :)

swapna said...

hai vani
thanks for visiting my blog and dropping ur great comment there..
u have a nice blog over here...wishesfor ur new born..:-)
it will be pain full when parents are leaving...i know..vani..too sad..but can't do annything right...cheer up...:-)don't worry...things will go smooth...
all recipes in ur blog looking great..will try this time..merry cristamas ...happy u..
enjoy with ur boy/girl?confused....anyway..happy new year..
i am going to add u to my blog..:-)

Linda @ Brazilian Food Love said...

Hi Vani! Happy holidays to you too!

Sorry to hear your parents are leaving, bet you'll miss them alot. I know the feeling :)
Don't know why you've been ordered so much bedrest but I hope yu get better soon.
Nice recipies you have, I might have to try some just to prove to myself that Indian cooking isn't that bad :) Honestly I've only eaten it once...
See you soon!

Lera said...

Vani, Wishing you and your family a wonderful and memorable new year..:)Hugzzzzzz to your sweetie pie:)

sailaja said...

Wish you and yours a very happy new year, Vani.

shilpa said...

Well, first of all...I loved your sit. I am from Karnataka and loved to read that your parents were with you for so many days....

Btw..I am a Konkani and will be waiting to see Konkani recipes on your blog.


Trupti said...

You've been Tagged...! Check my blog for the questions, have fun.

Priya S&S said...

Wishing peace, health, and happiness in 2007 and always. Happy New year to you and your family !

Nidhi said...

Here's Wishing you a very Happy New Year Vani. May God bless you and your family with all the happy things in this coming year.

Cheers, Nidhi.

Vani said...

Swapna- Hi!A happy new year to you too! It's a little baby girl, who is now 5 months old already! With my in-laws being here, it has been relaticely easy with my parents leaving. Thanks for adding me to your blog! :)

Linda- hi! Happy New Year! I had been ordered bedrest prior to delivery, due to some complications. So my parents came early to help me out.
Indian food is a developed taste, I think. ALso, most people are hesitant to try cooking Indian because of the myriad ingredients that go into each dish. I hope ypu get to try something soon! :)

Vani said...

Lera- Thanks! A Very Happy New Year to you too! I've passed on your hugs to little M! :)

Sailaja, Pritya S&S, Nidhi- thank you all! Wishing you all a wonderful 2007! :)

Vani said...

Trupti- thanks for tagging me! gotta put my thinking cap on! Will definitely take it up. Happy New Year Trupti, to you and your lovely family! :)

Shilpa- Thank you for your comment. I love your site too! It boggles me that u can post a recipe a day! :)
Happy New Year, Shilpa!

Mallika said...

Happy New Year Vani. Hope little M is doing well and that you get your work extension. So sorry that your parents left... i just got back from India and it was heart wrenching to leave my family there too...

Vani said...

Mallika- Happy New Year to you too!Can't see you blog for some reason!
M is doing well, thank God! See my post on our little trip to Ohio. I did get work extension until 1/22.
Hope u had a blast in India. Of course you did! :)

Tessa said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.