Friday, January 26, 2007

Behind the Apron

When I first read about the Behind the Apron event from 28 cooks, my initial reaction was that I would not participate because I liked hiding behind the anonymity that the blogging world provides. I prefer to be cocooned in my private world. Or so I thought. Then I realized that I had, in fact, shared a lot about my life! I'd written about my daughter and my parents and have a few pictures of them on my blog. I'd posted pictures of my cat, Ginger. I had blogged about what my kitchen looked like and yeah, pictures there too. So basically, short of my kula and gothra, I've pretty much told all! Not so private after all!

I have always wished I knew what my blogger friends looked like and I'm sure many of you feel the same too. With a fun event like this one, I figured it was time! Time for my friends to see what I look like and I'm hoping some of them at least, will be influenced by this wonderful event and would participate too!

That's me and Nitin with our favourite (and only!) cat Ginger!

My parents with Little Bo (and bald!) Peep!

This picture I took just now. Little M wondering what I'm upto while I try to hold her and click the picture!

So, that's me and some of my family

This turned out to be so much fun! I hope I get to meet some of you too! Do think about it, guys!

Thank you, 28 Cooks, for hosting this wonderful event. I can't wait for the round-up!


Asha said...


You are such a pretty girl!!!M looks exactly like you too!Beautiful family you have.Say hello to Nitin for me!!I love that B'lore picture.It's so great see you finally.

I always thought M probably look like you although I didn't ask you.(you know that unmeddling streak of Kannadigas!:))

I am glad to see you darlin', love you more now that I know how you look like and thousand thanks for that event!Wish you all the best for all of you guys!


Fiber said...

What gorgeous pictures!
Thanks for participating!

The Culinary Chase said...

Great to see your smiling face & your baby is so sweet looking! Cheers!

Sandeepa said...

Gorgeous pictures Vani. You are soooo beautiful. Loved your & Nitin's pic in Bangalore, you look like a model :)
And your sis deserves a complement too. She looks so young, I never thought she could have a son who goes to college, she was the one who goes to college I thought

Linda said...

Oh Vani, the photos are wonderful and to echo Asha, what a beautiful family! I might have to post my kids' pics just cause you did that -- thanks so much for sharing :)

Maheswari said...

Wow..vani that's a beautiful family..Nice Pic.s and the last photo that's very cute with lil' M "wondering" face..:)).Thanks for sharing with us..

Sia's corner said...

ditoo ditto ditto.... u r really pretty vani:) ofcourse ella kannada hudugiyaru pretty ne;) i love the last pic of u with M and that look on M's face is worth wathing:) a tight hug and kisses to her from me:)

TRS said...


You're a beautiful gal!
Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful family with us...!
So nice to match a face to a name now...
Little Gudiya looks precious as ever!


Coffee said...

Thats a lovely family and a very lovely you!!!! and a very very lovely daughter :)

It sure makes a difference putting a face to a name and blog. :)

Seema said...

You look so gorgeous gal. As everyone else I loved your picute taken at b'lore and the last one with little cutie pie. You have a gorgeous smile lady. Thanx for sharing the pictures.

Nee said...

Aha - so that's where M gets her good looks from!! :-)

I am still holding on to the anonymity bit for now especially since family/friends don't know about the blog!

Seriously, awesome pics Vani, thanks for posting them!

Vani said...

Asha- thank you! I'm glad I posted the pix. M looks like me huh? I love that even more. Most people say she looks like N and it makes me extremely happy to hear anyone say she looks like me! :) Will pass on your Hi to N. And thank you, my dear, for your always positive wishes!

Fiber- thank you for hosting this wonderful event!

Culinary Chase- thank you for dropping by & for your comment! :)

Sandeepa- Wow! Itna tareef bhi math karo yaar, utni kaabil main hoon nahin! But thank you for saying that and making my day! :) My sis is pretty young. She started her family very early! But she still doesn't look anywhere close to her age! I'll pass on your compliment to her for sure!

Linda- thank you! Please do post pictures of your kids at least. You know, I was just thinking that anyone who is hesitant can participate this way - they can keep their pictures for say a week or so and then remove them. That way, friends get to see what they look like but it also isn't there for so long that everybody else looks too!

Vani said...

Maheshwari- thank you! M's 'wondering' face was the main reason I posted the picture. It really looks like she's saying 'what the heck are u upto now, mom?!" :)

Supriya- thank you! I think ella hudugiyaru pretty irutthare! :) I love M's expression in that photo too! Will pass on your hugs & kisses to her. She needs all the love possible coz she got her third set of shots today :(

TRS- thank you so much! After seeing you and a few others post their pictures and feeling a stronger connection, I felt like I could post pix too. So thank you, T! :)

Coffee- thank you for your very very lovely compliments! :) Yeah, it's really nice to have a face with a name. Any chance I could influence you to post yours? :)

Seema - thank you for your lovely comment! Any chance of giving us an opportunity to see your pic too? :)

Nee- thank you! I totally understand about the anonymity bit. It is like a safe cocoon. But I do hope you will surface soon! :)

Sumitha said...

Vani you look so so pretty!You look like a very happy person too.The last pic is the cutest.....Little M's expression is so cute!Your sis has a son studying in IIT...she looks so young!

Latha said...

Hi Vani,

What a lovely lookign family! You are so gorgeous! Nice to see u! Wow, its amazing how we start imagining how people look - u dont look anyhting like i imagined u to be.

I'll see if i can post a few pics of us !

USHA said...

Hi Vani,

Thanks for visiting myblog.You snaps looks so cute,,,especially the last one and bangalore..

Hey i wonder,is ur sister have college going boy?My god!she looks so young man..

Johanna3 said...

love the photos, you are beautiful and your little girl too!

Spicelover said...

Lovely pictures. and what a lovely family. I love your hair :)

sunila said...

hey vaans,
Ha ha i take a look at ur blog whenever i come online and was sure that ur blog pals will be blown off by ur good looks when u post ur pics :0)
the pics are all fab and lotsa love to baby M...shots :0( i hate them and really stresses me out and am happy G doesnt have to have any more till she is an year old.

Prema Sundar said...

WOW beatiful pics Vani Mis very cute.. I know how u feel when someone says that ur kid looks like u!!!!

swapna said...

hi vani
ur little m is looking so cute...

indosungod said...

Vani that is wonderful you revealed yourself, pictures all look fantastic. Little M has her family's good looks.

sra said...

Vani, you have such striking looks! And the last photo with your little one - really hilarious expression there on her face! The caption says it perfectly!

Pooja said...

Hi Vani,
its so nice to see your pictures heare .everything nice around here. lovely you and all your family memebers , the most loveliest is M . Love to her.
thanks for sharing. I tagged you ,
chaeck my post for details.

Lera said...

your cutie is simply adorable!

Vani said...

Sumitha- thanks! I do think I'm a happy person overall. :) Yeah, M/s expression is priceless! Will pass on your compliment to my sis! :)

Latha- haha! I'd love to hear what you thought I looked like! :) Oh, please please please post your pictures too, Latha!!

Usha- thank you for stopping by and your very nice comments! :)

Johanna- thank you for your nice comment! :)

Spicelover- thank you for visiting & for your lovely comment! :)

Vani said...

Sunila- ha! You always were a little prejudiced (in a nice way!) towards me and I do love you for that, Su! :)
Yeah, shots were tough. She hardly slept all night and has been throwing up most meals. I hope it passes by tomorrow at least! :(

Prema- thank you! I hope you are having a blast in Mysore. Of course, you are!! :) Yeah, it's always a pleasure if someone says she looks like me. I can't stop beaming then! :)

Swapna- thanks! :)

ISG- thank you for your lovely comment! :)

SRA_ thank you! Yeah, her expression ws priceless! :)

Pooja- thank you for your nice comment! Will take up the tag soon. Passing on your love to M-she needs it more now, the poor thing, after her 3rd set of shots!

Lera- thank you! I agree!! :)

artnavy said...

u look gorgeous with your hubby and the last one with baby- she is soooooo cute - her expression is priceless

Sri said...

Wow...that's a lovely everyone else... I also loved the banglore snap and the last one...your little angel she is so cuteee!!!

Vani said...

Artnavy-I'm presuming I'm not the Vani from Mysore that you knew, since you did not even bring the subject up. Bummer! It'd have been nice if we knew each other at some point. Oh, well! ~shrug~
Thank you for your nice comment though.

Sri- thank you so much! My little angel makes so many expressions that make me wonder what she's thinking. Before I started working, I always had my camera ready and would click away at the smallest thing she'd do but these days, my camera is not as utilized as before, unfortunately!

Scott at Real Epicurean said...

"Little M" just looks great in that photo - beautiful expression!

Vaibhav said...

Hey vani,
Anazing pics, specaially the last one.
She is such a cutie pie. Hugs .....

Chris said...

Wonderful collection of pictures!

Stefanie said...

Cute family! The last photo made me laugh :)

Vani said...

Scott, Vaibhav, Chris, Stefanie- thank you, all! :)