Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays to all and my warmest wishes for a very wonderful and successful 2008!

Kid and Kitty Update: Both doing well. M now says "daa-ee" for Daddy and "Mma" for Amma. She understands when I'm not happy about something she has done and immediately says "Ai Ai Ai", which is her version of "I Love You"! She knows that's one way to get me to smile. How quickly they learn to manipulate!

Attached here is a short video of M playing with Ginger. I don't know how Ginger puts up with her manhandling (or is it cat-handling?!). I guess she understands that it's M's way of showing love! I apologize for the quality of the video- this was taken on my 2MP digital camera (yes, yes, I know I have to update my camera!). It is about 30 seconds long. Enjoy!


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