Monday, September 24, 2007

Togari Nuchchina Unde for RCI-Karnataka

This is my mom's recipe for Togari Nuchchina Unde, which is Kannada for steamed toor dal dumplings. Most recipes call for steaming once but this is my mom's twice-steaming variation which gives the dumplings a soft, melt-in-the-mouth texture, which I love. This is another entry for RCI-Karnataka, hosted by Asha of Foodie's Hope.

1 cup toor dal
1/4 cup chana dal or moong dal

5-6 dried red chillies
1 heaped tbsp coconut shreds/gratings
a pinch of heeng
1/8 tsp turmeric
1 small onion chopped fine (optional)
1/4 cup finely carrot grated (optional)
1/4 cup chopped dill leaves (optional)
2 Tbsp chopped cilantro
Salt to taste


Soak the dals for 2-3 hours. Coarsely grind with the red chillies and hing, without adding water. Steam in the pressure cooker for 10 minutes.
Once cooled, fluff it up with a fork and add in the remaining ingredients. Shape them into ovals and steam them again for another 10 minutes.

Serve with Hasi Majjige Huli.

For Hasi Majjige Huli:
Roast and grind 1-2 green chillies, 1 tbsp coconut, 1 tsp cumin seeds and 1 tbsp dalia to a smooth paste. Mix with yogurt and salt to taste. Add jeera and rai tadka.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Konkani Recipes for RCI:Karnataka

Here are some of my favorite recipes from Konkani cuisine, re-posted for RCI-Karnataka. All recipes in this post are my mil's.

Cabbage Pol (Cabbage Dosa):

1 medium size Cabbage (chopped fine)
1 large Onion (chopped fine)

To Soak:
1 cup Rice
1/2 cup Toor Dal

To Fry:
2 Tbsp Urad Dal
5-6 Red Chillies
1 Tbsp Dhania
1 tsp Methi seeds
2 Tbsp Coconut powder

1 tsp Tamarind paste
2 Tbsp Jaggery
Salt to taste
Oil for cooking

Soak the rice and toor dal together for at least 4 hours. Grind the fried ingredients first along with tamarind and jaggery. Then then add the soaked rice/dal. Grind coarsely with very little water. To the ground mixture, add the chopped cabbage and onion and salt to taste. Batter is ready. This batter will be pretty thick.

Heat a tawa. Pat a small portion of the batter on the tawa, in the shape of a circle. Pour about 1 tsp of oil around the perimeter of the dosa. The dosa will be rather thick. Cover and cook until browned at the bottom. Then flip the dosa and brown the other side.

This is a meal-in-one! It has rice, dal and vegetables and is very filling. It takes quite a bit of time to cook, unlike the regular dosas but is so worth the wait!

Akki Undi:

4 cups Rice (soaked in water for at least 6 hours)
1 cup Coconut Powder
Salt to taste

2 Tbsp Oil
1 Tsp Mustard Seeds
2 Tsp Urad Dal
1 tsp Cumin Seeds
1/2 tsp Asafoetida

Grind the soaked rice to a coarse paste using very little water. Add coconut powder, salt and the tadka. Mix them well and shape into little rounds or ovals. Steam in pressure cooker for 20 minutes.

Serve with sambar or chutney or just plain ghee.

Muga Dali Usli:

Moong Dal 2 cups
Water 4-5 cups
1 tsp Sugar
3 tsp Coconut powder
Salt to taste

For the Tadka/Tempering:
Oil 4-5 tsp
Mustard Seeds 2 tsp
Green Chillies 2 chopped
Curry Leaves -8-10
Hing 1 tsp

Bring water to a boil. Add the moong dal and cook until soft but not mushy, for about 10 mins. Drain excess water. Add the tempered oil, salt to taste, sugar and coconut. Mix well.

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