Friday, March 07, 2008

A Healthy Breakfast

A Healthy Breakfast

While I never skip breakfast (hey, I'm a foodie after all!), I have not always been eating healthy, nutritious foods for breakfast. My resolution for this year was to eat wholesome, healthy breakfasts on weekdays (am giving myself a break over weekends and vacations!). Apart from the usual whole grain cereals, one of the things that I find easy to make are quick bean-based bhajis (usli with rajma, black-eyed bean, garbanzo beans, navy bean etc)that I use as a sandwich stuffer. This is not only healthy & wholesome but is spicy, tasty & easy to carry on the go too, stuffed between 2 slices of tomato-pudina ketchup smeared toasted whole grain bread! I vary the beans, veggies and spices each time. Here is one version of the usli -

1 can kidney beans
1 small onion chopped
1/2 bell pepper chopped
1-2 green chillies chopped
1/2 tsp each coriander powder & goda masala
1 tbsp chopped cilantro
1 tbsp oil
Mustard seeds for tadka
Salt to taste

Heat oil. Do the rai tadka and fry the onions & green chillies. Add the beans, chopped cilantro, salt and the powders. Mix well & use as a sandwich stuffer or as a side with rotis or just by itself!

Update: This is my entry for the WBB#20 hosted by Mansi of FunnFud, an event that was started by Nandita of Saffron Trail. Thank you both, ladies!

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Pooja said...

Wow, its a lovely breakfast.
somehow when it comes to eating healthy , I think beans struck to of of us , Isn't it ?
thanks a ;pt for sharing this.

Asha said...

Should never skip breakfast either to lose wt! Read my post at Aroma. This looks great, healthy balance, enjoy! Send it to Mansi for balanced breakfast event!:)
Happy Women's day.

Seema said...

Perfect Healthy Breakfast.. Welcome back. Glad u had a great trip... Your daughter looks adorable!

Bharathy said...

Cute ,simple and healthy pick!yes as asha said send it over to Mansi na??:)

Cute little daughter :) sweet...seems your mom stitches too well..simply awesome pattern!

Pelicano said...

Goda masala eh? That would go so well with the onions and bell pepper. This is a nice idea for a healthy breakfast.

Vani said...

Poo - Thanks! And beans is usually a good way of vegetarian proteins for breakfast!

Asha- good idea! I will send it over to Mansi. Thanks! :)

Seema - thanks! hope u are well!

Bharathy- yeah, mom's a good with clothes! Too bad I never got any of her skills - embroidery, stitching, ikebana to name a few :)

Pelicano - LOVe the flavor ofgoda masala & I use it quite often in my cooking. Thanks for stopping by! :)

Mansi Desai said...

Vani, that perfectly fits the bill, and looks awesome! never though of beans in a sandwich:) thanks a lot girl!

and thanks to Asha and Bharathy too for being my advocates:)

Sia said...

i am on hunt for goda masala:) lovely and healthy entry vani.
just went through M's pics. she looks adorbale. glad to know u had gre8 time in india:)

hey did u join sailu's taste of india? food blog desam is closed, u know abt it right?

Uma said...

Wow, that sandwich looks so mouth-watering. Innovative idea. Glad you had a wonderful trip to India. Your daughter looks sooo cute! Thanks for dropping by my blog.

Pooja said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pooja said...

Vani ,
Sent you an email on ginnymeow of gmail. just check it and reply when possible. just a reminder note for you .

Vani said...

Mansi- thanks for hosting this event! yeah, thanks to asha & bharathy for reminding me about this wonderful event! :)

Sup- I knew fbd had closed. Had no idea about Sailu's efforts. Will sign up. Thanks for letting me know! M's growing up pretty fast (too fast for me!) but it is great that she can communicate her needs to us well. Makes our lives a lot easier! :)

Uma - thanks for stopping by and commenting :)

Poo- will check the email now! :)

Mona said...

That looks Yum!

Sagari said...

very healthy and delecious breakfast yummmmmmmm

Annu said...

Simple and healthy breakfast vani..

srikar's kitchen said...

hi vani..........
thxs for healthy and lovely breakfast.

Vani said...

Mona, Sagari-, Annu, Srikar- thank you all! :)

Seena said...

Hi Vani, wondering how I missed your wonderful blog!
You have much healthy recipes, I love sandwich recipes..and this too.. :)
Loved your lil girls pics, reminded me of D's "baby days". She is now turned 10... Girls grow fast!

Vani said...

Hi Seena, thanks for the lovely comment! I like sandwiches too- easy to make and can incorporate all food groups without much hassle!
Kids do grow up fast, don;t they? I can't believe M is 20 months already! So much fun though, aren't they?