Kid Update and Revisiting Some Oldies

Little M is now 2 years and 8 months old and talks non-stop. She gets up in the morning and gets started! I cannot believe she has so many things to say first thing in the morning! I'm still half-asleep and making non-committal noises in response. Of course, that doesn't work for long since she really, really (or 'lilly, lilly', as she says it!) needs answers. For questions like "why does Ginger run away from me?", "why do I have to go to Ammamma's (the sitter) house?", "why should I share toys?", "why can't we go to Kid Junction today?" etc. All burning questions, that no doubt require deep answers first thing in the morning! :)

Here she is, at her current favorite place- the "grocery store" at a kid entertainment center.

She's that not into dolls. Recently, we went to a doll store and she refused to get one for herself despite our perstering her to choose one! She prefers to play with computer and electronic stuff. She even likes cars better than dolls. Here she is on a "tactor". More her type! :)

I have been revisiting my older recipes to update the posts with better pictures. I'd really enjoyed the apple gojju that my mom made a long time ago but had not prepared it again. I had a big bag of apples that I knew we've never finish unless I cooked something with it. So apple gojju it was. Bonus of course, was the opportunity to update the old post with a new picture!

Apple Gojju

And another look -
Apple Gojju

Another post that's been revitalized with a new picture is Togari Nucchina Unde, which are steamed savory toor dal dumplings, served with a yogurt based gravy.

Togari Nuchchina Unde

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