Sunday, January 18, 2009

And a hello from the US! :)

Wishing you all a happy, healthy and success-filled 2009!

Arrived back from balmy 80 degree temperatures to icy cold, below freezing 18 degrees! Little M was all excited to come back to "Ginger's house"! Ginger, our cat, was very happy to see us (we think!) and follows me around wherever I go. Not sure if it was our fabulous pet nanny or if Ginger just gorged on food coz she missed us but she has become one fat cat! M had a lovely time in India and enjoyed all the attention she got. She has gotten very chatty and her vocabulary has improved tremendously!

In my previous post, I mentioned our Coorg trip. Coorg is a district in Karnataka, which is famous for its coffee and spices. It's rolling hills, lush forests and beautiful coffee and tea plantations make it a lovely holiday destination. There are many bed and breakfast places called homestays , which is the best way to experience Coorg. We stayed at a homestay called Coorg Jewel, surrounded by coffee plants, pepper vines and orange trees. Our hosts lived in the same estate but their house was a 100 ft away. We did not have as much traditional Coorgi food as I'd have liked. There was kadambuttu (steamed rice balls) served with a vegetable curry, nati koli curry (chicken curry) and a lauki bhaaji with sesame seeds, jeera and mustard tadka. The other dishes were generic - like sambar, pulao etc. They had home-made wines, made from gooseberry & betel leaves! We went to the beautiful Irpu falls and the Tibetan settlement in Bylakuppa. The monastery was truly amazing as was the temple with 60 foot gold plated Buddha. There was river rafting too but I decided to give it a miss. All in all, it was a good side-trip and a great way to spend time with family.

Signing off for now. Will be back with more soon.