Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Aambode with Dill Leaves

After a little bit of drama, we finally got the rental house that we thought worked best for us. We’ll be moving in the next few days. So right now, I still feel like I’m here on vacation. Taking it easy and relaxing while I can. Managed to attend a mini-reunion of my college batchmates. I was never good with names and faces but only now realized just how bad I really was, when apart from one or two people, I did not remember anyone else initially! It was a good thing that there were a few others just as bad with names :) It was a picnic by a lake with good food, good memories and good fun.

Thanks to my mom’s cooking, you’ll see more traditional recipes here in the coming days. Here is one such recipe for aambode, which is a chana dal vada usually made without onions on festival days but prepared here as an evening snack with onions and dill leaves.



1 cup chana dal
2 bunches dill leaves, chopped
1 medium onion, chopped fine
1 tbsp rice flour
3 green chilies (or to taste)
1 tsp ghee
salt to taste
Oil for deep frying


Soak chana dal for 2 hours. Drain and grind coarsely with the green chilies (with no water) and pour into a mixing bowl.
To this ground dal, add the chopped dill leaves, onion, hing and salt to taste. Mix the rice flour with ghee and add to the mixture (this helps maintain the crisp texture) Mix well. Make small balls of the mixture.
Heat oil. Once it is hot, flatten each of the balls and drop into the oil and fry until browned and crispy.
This makes about 15-18 aambodes.

Below is a quick look at some of the good stuff (from the few times when I remembered to carry my camera) I had while I was at Pune. In the picture are chicken tikkas, tandoori chicken, misal pav and the best thalipeeth I've had so far!


We also tried bhakri and pitla as part of a thali lunch. It had bharli vangi too but I liked Khaugiri's version a lot better.

Bendekayi (okra) Gojju and rasavangi coming up soon!


Asha said...

I probably wouldn't remember the names as well but I do remember the faces. I met a few of mine in Bangalore, some pretend that they don't know you but I see in their eyes they do! ;D

Glad you got the house, congratulations. Moving time again but this time forever! YAY! Wish I was in your shoes, moving back to to India. Sigh...!!!

Good luck with M's school, I know it could be a hassle there but you can do it. I have a 6yr old nephew who goes to school there near (Rajarajeshwarinagar or something) Kengeri satellite town, looks like palace, forgot the name. Pretty expensive.

Sappsige vade!! Slurp!!

indosungod said...

Oh the vade looks so good. I can mom' hand there :)

Are dill leaves a new thing now or they have always been there? I have seen those in TN.

Happy cook said...

Happy and safe moving. Vada looks crunchy delcious.

Bong Mom said...

Hey Vani

Good that you haven't moved yet 'coz then you get to enjoy all Mom's great food :) Are you moving near to her place ?

The vada looks lovely, dill leaves would be a nice flavor. See I always associate dill with B'lore and its true

Vanamala Hebbar said...

hi vani.. ambode looks super. have to make for shankranti

Jayashree said...

Good luck with the move and with M's school. Hope you find one that she likes.

Shama Nagarajan said...

yummy recipe...nice post

Vani said...

Asha - it is so good to see u back! The house is a rental , so maybe one more move but not for sometime! :) M's school- not decided yet. Hope to get that done soon! You met school/collegemates? Isn't that the coolest?! It was so nice seeing everyone after years and catching up.

ISG - totally mom's right now! :) Dill is pretty common in Kannadiga cooking. I think I even have a dill kootu on my blog, which is just fab! (mom's recipe again!)

HC - thanks!! :)

San - nope, mom will be a good 2.5 hours away soon :( but that's better than 24 and jetlag, right? :) totally enjoying the pampering right now :)

Vanamala - perfect for shankranthi! :)

Jay - really hoping that I find the right school for M. I'd hate to have to change her school again after enrolling her. Fingers crossed!

Shama - thanks! :)

Jaya said...

hope you settle well there and a nice school near your vicinity will be even better ...
these look so mouth-watering.
hugs and smiles

Priya said...

Glad to see u back Vani, hope everything is ok at ur end, aambode looks crispy and prefect evening snacks..

Cham said...

Glad u got a house to move, I heard it is the biggest problem in B'galore!
Mom's cooking, gosh u re vada make me drool here! Hope u re having a great time with ur family & friends!

Mangala Bhat said...

It looks too good ! nice falovur from the dil ..i just love it !

Madhu said...

Amobode looks yumm.. bet you are enjoying good food and good times with fam and friends.. Good luck.Hugs to little M.

Rashmi said...

Wow yummy ambodes. But never knew abt this dill ambodes. We get those dill leaves loads of them here but didnt know what to do with them - bari delivery adamele tinno soppu antha gotithu or maybe delivery adamele yeshtu tindidini adinna andre yucks ansakke shuru aagogido yeno. But this looks interesting will definitely make it sometime now :)

Divya Rao said...

Ooooh look at all the food! I miss India :(

chakhlere said...

omg I miss all that from Pune....I am so madly drooling hare right now!!!

Vadas looks lovely too!!

Prathibha said...

Lovely vade's with those dill leaves inside..very crispy..

Uj said...

I guess this is one of regular fare in Bangalore.. during our recent visit to Bangalore my hubby's aunt made these for us. It was simply yummy though I had made a mantal note f this recipe I never tried to make it by my own. Looks yummy..
Congratulations on your move and your second baby. My SIL vouches by The Cradle. Hope you have a safe delivery and a wonderful year ahead.

Vani said...

Jaya - I really hope that will happen - a good school within walking distance! :)

Priya - thanks! All going pretty smooth so far. Hope it continues that way :)

Cham - yeah, enjoying mom's cooking and special dishes that I normally would not make much.

Mangala - I love the flavor of dill too. Great in this aambode!

Vani said...

Madhu - thanks so much :)

Rashmi - can totally understand developing an aversion to something after eating it everyday! You may like it in a fried snack version though :)

Divya - I hear you! Despite all the Indian restaurants, they still don't have the variety and tend t serve the same old fare.

Chakhlere- yeah, the Puneri fare was good! :)

Pratibha - thanks :)

Uj - Dunno about being common in Bangalore but dill does make a nice addition to aambode. Good to know about your cousin and thanks so much for your wishes, Uj :)

Smitha said...


Happy Sankranti..Looks like it is fun time back in India.. meeting old friends is always fun. Looking forward to more recipes. Ambode looks fantastic. .I wish I could grab a few right away. BTW we r moving to Edison in the next two week :)

LG said...

Mane siktalla bidi..ade dodda vishya. Amele ambode mastagi kantha ide..how I wish I could take some from the picture and eat them right away! slurrp..even the imagination makes me more hungry! Happy Sankranti to you and family.

radha said...

The ambode looks delicious. Mom's are the best.

Sonia said...

Happy Sankranti to you and yours!
Glad that you found your home-sweet-home finally. :)
Ambode name is new to me...but vada looks so crispy and perfect with tea/coffee. :)

Jagruti said...

Hey Vani

First time here..those vada looks great..nice space..



Sush said...

Which area did you finally choose? it is nice knowing your updates. Ambode looks great. Wish I could take a bite.

Vani said...

Smitha - hope you ahve a safe move to Edison! WIsh I was still in NJ so we could meet (we were about 30 mins away).

LG - thanks! hope u had a good Sankranthi!

Radha - true, that mom's touch is special, rght?

Sonia - thanks! yeah, great with tea or coffee :)

Jagruti - thanks for stoppig by! heading over to check your blog :)

Sush - chose South BLR.Lots of good restaurants there :)

shanthi said...

The vadai is so crispy . Pass on the plate to me

shanthi said...

Please do visit my blog when time permits http://shanthisthaligai.blogspot.com/

AshKuku said...

I hit a jackpot today... bumping next next over source kannada blogs.... I feel so happy... came here following the blogs from paakashaale.... Ella thumba yummy yaagide.....

I'm not so aware of that huggi u posted , but these ambade with sabsige soppu.... is simply yummy, not just that simply mind boggling!!!! I feel kinda filled..now.... just gazing at it.... I can not resist myself from joining u.... Gr8 going!!! Happy Blogging!!!! & moreover u are a principal to us in this school of blogging.... YUM!!!!!


Vani said...

Shanti and Asha - welcome to my blog! thanks for your lovely comments!

Rumana Rawat said...

I love this vada:)

Famidha Ashraf said...

Hi Vani, I used to live in Bangalore and I was craving for this vadai and was looking for the recipe.. but never got it... and again after 8 months now.. I got the craving.. and i searched google and bang! your perfect blog.. What I was served by my Paying guest owner was the vada in a curry.. do you know that? She used to make the vada with dill leaves.. and then drop them in a curry.. and the aroma was heavenly.. I cant reach out to her and I am dying to have it..