Friday, January 15, 2010

Huggi for Shankranthi

Little M had the pleasure of "yellu birodu" this Sankranthi. That is a custom where young girls visit close relatives, friends and neighbors with a Sankranti offering of yellu bella (a mixture containing sesame seeds, jaggery, copra, dalia and roasted peanuts), sugarcane, sakkare achchu (moulded sugar candy) and fruit. I would have loved to see her wear something traditional but she is a t-shirt & pants/shorts kinda girl and getting her to wear anything else is a battle I chose not to fight this time. It was great to see her all excited and feeling really important carrying the plate with the offerings :)


Huggi is a dish that is prepared on the day of Makara Sankranthi and is usually served with a sour gojju (curry) or a majjige huli (kadhi). Made similar to Pongal, it also has a sweet (called sakkare pongal) and a savory variation, both or either of which are prepared that day. Avarekayi (flat beans) still being in season, Mom made the savory version with lots of avarekalu in it.

Avarekalu Pongal


1 cup rice
1/2 cup split moong dal
1 cup avarekayi/flat beans (optional)
1 green chili
1 tsp cumin & black pepper, coarsely ground together
1” ginger, grated
1/2 tsp turmeric powder
1 tbsp copra
cashews for garnish
salt to taste

For the tadka:
2 tbsp ghee/oil
mustard seeds
1 tsp cumin & black pepper, coarse ground
1-2 red chilies, broken
1 sprig curry leaves


Wash rice. Roast Moong dal for a couple minutes.
In a pressure cooker, heat ghee/oil and do the tadka. Then add copra and fry for a few seconds.
Add rice, moong dal, avarekayi(if using), green chili, cumin/pepper powder, ginger, salt and haldi. Mix well.
Add 5 cups of water. Cover the cooker and cook until soft.
Allow cooker to release pressure.
Fry some cashews in a little bit of oil to use as garnish.
Serve with ghee and gojju or majjige huli.


Prathibha said...

never heard abt this...happy makara sankranti

Happy cook said...

Never knew aobut this, when i readthe title i thougt it was the pamaer huggi ;-)

Gita said...

Nice pictures Vani...Happy Sankaranthi :)

Asha said...

So nice to hear that M went on for ellu birodu. Hey, you do get silk and Zari shorts there, don't they? I can understand it's hard to let go of her shorts now but I bet she will be asking for silk ones very soon! :D

Huggi looks yummo, Avarekalu too! I envy too. Well..I am some Kichdi today, nobody cares for any festival in my house which makes me not cook anything at all.

Have a great weekend. Post M's pics sometime,not the face showing etc, you know one of those candid pics! Love to see how she has grown. Take care and get pampered!:)

indosungod said...

Fantastic Vani. Yup, it is a land of opportunities for kids with all the folks around.

aavarekayi meas the seeds not the pods right?

Bong Mom said...

That is so cute :) I like Asha's idea of silk and zari shorts

This dish looks great, get pampered Vani :)

chakhlere said...

Hey Vani!! How are you dear? How are your "two" angles doing?

It must be great excitement and joy for M to do all the rituals. That thali looks very cute and beautiful.

Huggi looks very delicious...yummy!!

Vani said...

Pratibha - huggi is the traditional name but these days, 'pongal' is the more commonly used term. Happy Sankranthi to you too!

HC - ha ha.. :)

Gita - thank you :)

Asha - silk shorts, huh? Gotta see that! :) Yeah, getting pampered still, at least for the next few days :)

ISG - technically avarekalu is the right term for the bean and avarekayi is the whole pod but avarekayi is used both ways.

San - thanks :) she is having fun and so am I :)

Chakhlere - All doing good, C! thanks for checking :) M loved celebrating Shankranthi here. She'll have a lot more festivals coming up :)

Cham said...

My husb talks about sugar candy, but never knew properly! Hope M would have enjoyed the festival!
Take care,

Pavithra said...

Happy sankranthi vani... hey I missed so many post of yours.. the dill vada is really tempting and the festival picture looks so divine.. But I dont know y i did not get updates from you.. let me check.

Smitha said...

Hey Vani,
I am sure M looked cute in what ever she was wearing and was all happy with the Ellu berodu.
Huggi looks fab with the avarekai...Well it used be 'huggi' when we were young and now it is called Pongal as we got older and 'Pongal' became a more fashionable term...

Madhu said...

Nothing can beat celebrating festivals back home.. its always fun. I am craving for Avarekayi now :(.
Hope you all had a good one.

Jayashree said...

Happy Sankranti to you and little M. Am so glad she's having lots of fun.

Priya said...

Happy sankranti to u & ur family..Tempting dish..

Divya Vikram said...

Happy Sankranthi!

lata raja said...

That's lovely Vani! the little one gets to enjoy the festival traditionally. Never mind next time she might choose to wear a very traditional pavadai may be!
Have a very happy new year (sorry for wishing this late) and all the very best in Incredible India.

DEESHA said...

i have never eaten avarekalu huggi. looks very delicious .. I ate loads of ellu, i simply love it

shankari said...

Used to go for ellu birodu in Belgaum- what fun and would end up being so sugar high:)

But have never had this huggi

Sharmilee! :) said...

This sounds new to me...looks yum!

LG said...

alla..nam kade avarekaalu season bandre adakke ella kade sthala maadi kodthivi alva? Yava dish haakidru chennagi irutte. uppittu, avalakki, chitranna, gojju, huli, pulav etc etc..Huggi super kantha ide..and avarekaalu jote andre innu super iratte.

Jaya said...

these things oh!we miss here much goes into all festivals and their customs and it would have been so cute seeing your kiddo with all the goodies in a plate and visiting friends and families..
enjoy it to the fullest :)..
and huggi looks so delicious ..
hugs and smiles

Linda said...

Dearest Vani -- I can't believe I missed all this news here! I knew you were back visiting around but I didn't realise you were 'back' on Mysoorean :) Huggi looks so delicious, and made by mom, what could be better.

Big congratulations on your impending new arrival! I can just bet little m will make a wonderful big sister :)

Wishing all of you all good things! And now I know you're back, will be around more often ;)

接觸 said...

far from eye, far from heart...................................................

Ramya Vijaykumar said...

Havent heard or made this looks very tasty and festive too!!!

radha said...

I thought you meant Huggy! Looks delicious. Should try this sometime.

Arch said...

Wow, Am sure lil M had a lot of fun with that - I remember doing this when I was a kid...The ambodes look fantastic ! Enjoy the pampering and mom's food and all the rest before the lil bundle arrives ! Hey, I should be coming to Bangalore in May, will be great to meet up with you...will let you know once its finalised !

好悶 said...


Mangala Bhat said...

Hey Vani ..sorry for the late reply! Looks awesome looks like had great sankranti ! Thanks

Madhavi said...

Hey Vani,

How r ya girl ?? Very nice recipe, looks yummmmmmm!!!

Vani said...

Cham - yeah, she loved it!

Pavithra- someone else mentioned that too. Maybe a problem with the settings. Will check up. Hope you're doing well.

Smitha - you're right. "huggi" is hardly ever used now.

Madhu - so true. So much more festive here!

Jayashree, Divya, Pria - thanks :)

Lata - thanks so much for your wishes! Haven't checked yours (and many other bloggers') space in a while. Will be over!

Deesha - avarekalu season sees it in pretty much all dishes!

Shankari - nice to see u here. Loved your new website!

Sharmlee - thanks :)

LG - sari heliiddira! avarkalu rules everything.

Jaya - thanks :)

Linda - thanks for your wishes! Lillt M is looking forward to having a live doll t play with :)

Ramya - thanks :)

Radha - ha ha.. :)

Arch - just left u a comment !

Mangala, Madhavi - thanks :)

AshKuku said...

Thanks for dropping by & sharing your love on my posts & me..... It means a lot... I loved your space & how can I miss on all those yummy Kannadiga preps & posts.... Hence joining u too, in order to be in par with all your postings & preps....

Take Care & hope 2 c u around more often.........


Saee Koranne-Khandekar said...

My favorite is the godi huggi--a concoction of broken wheat, rice, chana dal, coconut, poppy seeds, jaggery, and milk that I can eat all meals all days if allowed! Your version looks yum too!