Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Bendekayi Gojju (Okra Curry)

We're slowly settling down at the new place. Our cargo is yet to arrive but ironically, my sis and BIL ended up moving to the US a few weeks ago and we're using some of their basic stuff to get by until our cargo arrives (supposedly this week but let's see). We have been eating out quite a bit (as expected!) but sticking mainly to our area for now until we are comfortable driving longer distances in the chaotic traffic. It surprises me that there aren't more accidents considering how traffic rules are pretty much non-existent! I used to be a confident driver in BLR before but now I need some time to build that up again and get into the "zone" along with the rest!

After having a LOT of Indian food from various parts of the country, I found myself craving for some pasta and pizza one night. We went to the much recommended Eurasia, an Italian restaurant in Jayanagar, to satisfy that. Can you imagine anyone, esp a restaurant, going wrong with something basic like garlic bread? Well, this one did! The bread used was a burger bun sliced in half with a really faint hint of garlic on the inside (maybe a spread of some sort?) and a cheese slice (we asked for the cheese version) in between! Eeewww!!! The other stuff we had were nice enough. The pizza we ordered was quite good, though it took them 45 minutes to get it to our table. We had to remind our waiter a few times to get that. Quite disappointing overall.

For the longest time, I could not believe anyone would order uppittu (upma) at a restaurant. After tasting some heavenly kharabhaths in restaurants, I'm one of them myself! Had a particularly nice one at Ganesh Darshan, a small darshini (no seating, more a take-out) kinda place in Jayanagar. We also had amazing raagi rottis with dill which they served with a really good menthya (methi seeds) chutney.

Onto a recipe now. I love all gojjus but this particular one made with okra has a special standing! This here is my mom's recipe for bendekayi gojju.

Bendekaayi Gojju


Okra - 1/2 kg (chopped)
Tamarind paste - 1/2 tsp
Jaggery - to taste
Salt to taste

To grind:
Coconut shreds - 2 tbsp
Green chillies or dried red chilies- 3-4
Raw rice or dalia - 2 tsp

Mustard seeds

Bendekayi Gojju

Heat oil in a kadai. Do the tadka. Add chopped okra and fry for a few minutes. Dilute tamarind paste in about 1/4 cup of water. Add this to the okra along with some salt. Doing this not only infuses the okra with the tanginess but also removes the slime. Cover and cook until okra is cooked. Add the ground masala, jaggery and adjust the salt. Cover and cook until done. Serve with hot rice and ghee!


Happy Cook said...

I wish i could hav emy full with N and S Indian food.
Will have to wait tilli am there.
Neve rhad okra like this. Looks so creamy delcious.

indosungod said...

Settling back home stories are pretty interesting Vani, bring them on. This okra dish is new to me and it looks so very good.

Shilpa said...

Vani,Love your blog and am a fellow Kannadiga cum Bangaloorean almost on the verge of returning back from PA to Bangalore early next year.
Have been reading your blog from quite a while and this is my first time commenting here.Some more questions for you(in regards to the move+schools)..if its alright can I email you/send me an email ?

Loved the gojju and make it similarly except grinding with raw rice.

Jaya said...

I think you should have tried pizza hut,I am sure BLR has one of it(and now I have even a locality named after me!! Just Kidding)....okhra curry looks delicious..
hugs and smiles

Madhu said...

In blr. old eat-outs are really good, with authentic flavors. I am glad you are enjoying it..
Gojju looks so good.. miss fresh bendekayi here..

meeso said...

Glad you are getting settled, must also be exciting! Okra looks delicious :)

Springbird said...

gojju itself is my favorite side dish. Okra is yummy.

Bong Mom said...


I am really looking forward to your Back to exp. Maybe you should blog more about R2I

Ok, and I would order upma at a restaurant even in NJ :)

The okra looks lovely. How is everything else ? YOu surely must not be missing the snow, it gets bad tomorrow.

Cham said...

I stayed 3 days in BGL last year, I cannot even imagine to drive in that traffic, it is scary! Overall I liked the atmosp but only one thing, we should be well settle down to spend a lot...
About western food, think about an Italian trying the Indian garlic bread :)
Okra gojju looks tasty!

Rashmi said...

Hi Vani,

I am also frm jayanagar and luv the eatouts there akki rotti-masala dose-shavige bath wow many more bayalli neeru bartha ide :-p. And bendekayi gojju is my favourite dish - i can eat this anytime of the day with anything yum yum and incidentally i just made it yday for our lunch :)
Nice recipe and pic too!


LG said...

garlic bread on a burger bun???!! ooops! anyways that is India :D
Uppittu would be more meaningful to eat there than western dishes. Bendekayi gojju looks yumm..

Smitha said...

I would gladly trade Garlic bread for Kharabat!
bendekai Gojju looks yum

香水 said...


Prathibha said...

Agree traffic in bangalore is worser dese days....Ganesh darshan is one of my favorite too..especially dosa n rottis..I prefer eating and enjoying outside from my favorite places rather than eating at home when I visit bangalore..whr in bangalore do u stay dear??
okra gojju looks tempting n perfect wid rice..

Jayashree said...

Iam yet to find good garlic bread here in Chennai, Vani....and I so agree with what you say about chaotic traffic. The only way to drive is aggressively and defensively.

Vani said...

HC- ha ha .. sometimes you do need a break from too much of a good thing too! :)

ISG - thanks :)

Shilpa - of course! do email me at mysoorean at gmail dot com

Jaya - yeah, tried pizza hut too :) I enjoyed the pizza there.

Madhu - so true. older establishments seem to have remained true to their roots. good stuff there!

Meeso - thanks. gettling settled is proving to be a longer process than expected but it's all good! :)

Springbird- yeah, mine too :)

San - Too much to say about R2I. WIll start a new blog on that soon and send u the link. Oh, am so so glad that I don;t have to deal with the snow and cold!! Certainly don't miss that.

Cham - yeah, traffic is scary but I hope we'll soon be comfortable (as best as we can be!) in the chaos :)

Rashmi - thumba channagi iratthe illi, alva? Wonder why restaurants outside India just stick with the regular "South" and "North" Indian fare and not venture deeper into regional cuisines.

LG- so true. but you go to an Italian restaurant and you certainly have better expectations from a humble garlic bread, right? lesson learnt! have no expectations and be happy if things turn out ok :)

Smitha - on a regular day, me too :)

Pratibha - yeah, best to eat hot off the stove, alva? We stay in Jayanagar.

Jay - very true. when in Rome.. :)

Asha said...

My brother drives and traffic is so crazy. True, not many accidents at all although they follow each other like an inch betn them! :D

Love Kharabhath there and Janata Masala dose around rajajinagar. We used to live in Jayanagara 9th block behind Indian Overseas back near Mico layout, loved it.

Slup at Bendekai gojju.

Anupama Puneeth said...

Hi Vani,

You have a lovely or should i say Yummy blog here :-) The pictures are really appetizing !

You reminded me of raagi rotti and godda-khara (tamarind chutney) that my mum makes....yummmm !

Bendekai gojju looks yummy too but hardly find it in stores here since its winter :(

Hope you settle down well :)

Parita said...

I am going to try this version next time i make okras, i m always in search of different ways to cook okra! Curry looks very creamy!

sunila said...

Vaans dear,
posted just ur pic since ours didnt come out nice at all tks to the securit feller who clicked :0)
keep up the gud work,of eating ,keeping patience and managing to enjoy it all with ur humour intact.
lots of love

Roopa (KitchenAromas) said...

Hi Vani!
Burger with garlic and cheese sounds, well, I don't know! :)
Try Milano or Little Italy when you are comfortable driving around - good places to get some decent italian.

There is an "Adiyar Anand Bhavan" in Basavanagudi, a perfect place for good sweets and the fried stuff. And guess what! They make "PastHa". Yeah, that's what they call it. They make Paneer PastHa, Chinese PastHa and other equally weird sounding concoctions. And no, I have not tried them. Just saw it on their proud menu board. If you do feel adventurous, call me and we can go eat there and then giggle all the way back ;)

Ditto on the traffic scene - I would drive all over town before I moved to the US and now at best I can drive myself to mom's a couple of kilometers away. But still, Bangalore rocks ;)

Ramya Vijaykumar said...

I understand how tought it would be without ones own oak and spatula... and interestingly other things work differently for us while others give us surprises ;)

Bendakaya gojju looks very creamy and yummy!!! Lovely color, settle down soon and get back to blogging with your wonderful recipes!!!


Uj said...

Nice gojju it looks very creamy. I miss okra so much here.. Wish i could get some :)
I love Bangalore but hate the traffic around there.. But weather wise its so pleasant in Blore..wish I could just fly back and avoid the winter here :D

Vani said...

Asha - I love Janata too! Love their masala dosa and mangalore bajjis!

Anupama - welcome to my blog! goddu kaara sounds good. WIll look up for it's recipe :)

Parita- do let me know if you do try. I too love to look for variations from the usual stuff I make.

Sunila - I think the pics came out well! Especially yours (I don't think I look good!) but typical of us to be critical of ourselves, alva?

Roopa- this was suppose to be a Little Italy frnchise :) Will be sure to try LI next time. Heard of Adyar Anad Bhavan. Will be sure to give it a try. Chinese Pashta sounds intriguing! Hey, do I have your number? Will check your emails and call. We can try that out together!

Ramya - things have a way of coming together even when things look awry, right? we're settling down well. Will be back with more recipes.

Anjum said...

Yummy gojju.I love this dish and reslish it everytime at kamat restaurant when Im in bangalore.

Sharmila said...

Welcome (back) to India Vani. :-) Looking forward to a few more writes on such experiences before it grows on you. :-)

Chetana said...

Hi Vani,
New to ur space....liked dis one...never tried okra wit jaggery n tamarind...
will be bk.

Vani said...

Anjum - welcome! never tried gojju at kamat before. will look out for i the next time. thanks :)

Sharmila - so many things to write about but so little time!!! :) but will be back with more for sure.

Chetana - welcome! thank for your comment :)

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Deepa G Joshi said...

hey Vani, first time to your blog via foodbuzz..you have a great space here.

Okra is my favorite veggie. never tried this creamy version..bookmarked. lets keep in touch..


ARUNA said...

Those pics r tempting me a lot. I love okra curry and anything with okra!

bhagyashri said...

Same here, couldnt understand how people wanted to have upittu & avlakki when they went out to eat :) but there is definitely something in those dishes when you eat them at a proper restaurant!
Bendekayi gojju looks good.

Vani said...

Deepa, Aruna, Bhagya - thanks for the comments :)

Vanamala Hebbar said...

Gojju looks awesome ..nice pic

Vani said...

Thanks, Vanamala!

Maria said...

Oh God!!! So many intersting n different recipes.. I love all the recipes posted with the images... I will surely try all n post my comments....

Vani said...

Thanks, Maria! :)

The Side I Hide said...

I am posting a comment after trying this recipe for more than 10 times. Every time, it is amazing. My favorite bendekai gojju recipe, this is!