Bendekayi Gojju (Okra Curry)

We're slowly settling down at the new place. Our cargo is yet to arrive but ironically, my sis and BIL ended up moving to the US a few weeks ago and we're using some of their basic stuff to get by until our cargo arrives (supposedly this week but let's see). We have been eating out quite a bit (as expected!) but sticking mainly to our area for now until we are comfortable driving longer distances in the chaotic traffic. It surprises me that there aren't more accidents considering how traffic rules are pretty much non-existent! I used to be a confident driver in BLR before but now I need some time to build that up again and get into the "zone" along with the rest!

After having a LOT of Indian food from various parts of the country, I found myself craving for some pasta and pizza one night. We went to the much recommended Eurasia, an Italian restaurant in Jayanagar, to satisfy that. Can you imagine anyone, esp a restaurant, going wrong with something basic like garlic bread? Well, this one did! The bread used was a burger bun sliced in half with a really faint hint of garlic on the inside (maybe a spread of some sort?) and a cheese slice (we asked for the cheese version) in between! Eeewww!!! The other stuff we had were nice enough. The pizza we ordered was quite good, though it took them 45 minutes to get it to our table. We had to remind our waiter a few times to get that. Quite disappointing overall.

For the longest time, I could not believe anyone would order uppittu (upma) at a restaurant. After tasting some heavenly kharabhaths in restaurants, I'm one of them myself! Had a particularly nice one at Ganesh Darshan, a small darshini (no seating, more a take-out) kinda place in Jayanagar. We also had amazing raagi rottis with dill which they served with a really good menthya (methi seeds) chutney.

Onto a recipe now. I love all gojjus but this particular one made with okra has a special standing! This here is my mom's recipe for bendekayi gojju.

Bendekaayi Gojju


Okra - 1/2 kg (chopped)
Tamarind paste - 1/2 tsp
Jaggery - to taste
Salt to taste

To grind:
Coconut shreds - 2 tbsp
Green chillies or dried red chilies- 3-4
Raw rice or dalia - 2 tsp

Mustard seeds

Bendekayi Gojju

Heat oil in a kadai. Do the tadka. Add chopped okra and fry for a few minutes. Dilute tamarind paste in about 1/4 cup of water. Add this to the okra along with some salt. Doing this not only infuses the okra with the tanginess but also removes the slime. Cover and cook until okra is cooked. Add the ground masala, jaggery and adjust the salt. Cover and cook until done. Serve with hot rice and ghee!

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