Baby and Blog Turn Four!

This past week saw my blog and my baby (the big one) turning four. I want to thank you all for being a part of my blogging world and my life.

The baby is no longer a baby though. At four, Little M is a little "big" girl now, who still wakes up happy most days and makes our lives rich and full with her presence. She had a fun birthday with a party at home with her friends and dinner with family. Her grandparents joined in the celebrations, making it more special.

Here she is busy dancing away at her party. She has grown pretty tall too. And her aversion to all things girlie is getting less so. Notice the frock-like top - yay! She insists on wearing pants or tights with frocks but it still is a HUGE development. She even asked to me to buy her hairbands (hair clips, bands, hair pins were all taboo before). She's still not comfortable with ethnic wear but it may be just a matter of time (I'm hoping!). The little fella in the background is Baby S, who is almost 4 months old now. I'm thoroughly enjoying spending my time with them both, though there are times when I could use a break from mommydom.

Thanks again, dear readers. I hope to be around for a long time and hope to have you all with me too! Cheers!

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