Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy Yugadi!

Happy Yugadi and Gudi Padwa!

I'm not a very ritualistic person and so my poojas for festivals when in the US were never very elaborate, though I never missed the opportunity to make/have good festival food! This Ugadi though has been different. This is the first we're celebrating as a nuclear family in India. Went to a traditional market yesterday in Jayanagar to shop for mango and neem leaves, flowers and thorana. Decorated the front door with the leaves. Inspired by my neighbors, I even attempted a rangoli with chalk, despite my (extremely) limited drawing ability! Did a pooja, had bevu-bella and of course, had a lovely habbada oota (festival food)!

Here's a peek at our lunch today. (No, I did not make everything. Fresh obbattu from a store, a few dishes came from my aunt). Missing from the picture are the inevitable saaru and mosaru (yogurt).

Ugadi Lunch

Yugadi, as a kid, meant new clothes, bevu-bella and habbada oota! Little M, as usual, did not want to wear anything "pretty" as she calls anything girlie ("please don't make me wear pretty clothes, amma" she tells me!). But she did wear new clothes (the non-"pretty" kind) and was excited about doing the pooja and eating obbattu. Many phone calls received and made, family visiting in the evening, festive air, good food - it felt like the Yugadis of yore. It is especially great for Little M to experience the joy and festivities associated with our habbas here.