Thursday, January 13, 2011

Beetroot Rasavangi

I can't believe this is the first beetroot recipe post in my four years of blogging. Especially since it is featured quite often in my house (much to N's chagrin!). Usually in a palya or a gojju form. This recipe is for rasavangi, a curry made with a delicious masala of kopra and spices ground into a powder. Let me reiterate that this is different from the Tamilian rasavangi, usually made with dal and eggplants. Ours is specifically without dal, and generally made with green beans or cluster beans, apart from eggplants.

Beetroot Rasavangi


Beets - 3-4 medium sized, chopped and cooked in a pressure cooker
Jaggery and salt to taste

To Grind:
Huli Pudi - 1 tbsp (or sambar powder)
Kopra - 2 tbsp (can be substituted with coconut shreds or dessicated coconut)
Tamarind paste - 1/2 tsp
Raw rice - 1 tsp

For Tadka:
Mustard Seeds
Curry Leaves


In a pot, do the tadka and add the boiled beets.
Add the ground masala, jaggery and salt to taste.
Bring to a boil.
Cover and cook on low for a few minutes.
Adjust seasonings, if required.
Serve on rice with a dollop of ghee!


Happy Shankranthi/Pongal, in advance! Above is a picture of the yellu offering from last year. Read more about it here.


LG said...

simple and tasty kanri. I usually make beetroot chutney which everyone likes at home. I have to try this method next time.

jayasree said...

For me, rasavangi will mean only with brinjal. With beet, it sounds interesting.
Happy sankaranthi to you too

Vani said...

LG - beetroot chutney sounds good! WIll check your blog to see if you hvae it there.

Jayasree - this is not the Tamilian rasavangi, which is usually made with eggplants and dal. I had mentioned this in my earlier rasavangi post. thanks for the comment. will reiterate that here too. Enjoy the festival!

Kannada Cuisine said...

Happy Sankranti to you and your family Vani..
Rasavangi looks fabulous.

Kairali sisters said...

Never cooked beetroot this way. I am sure to try this..

Manju said...

rasavangi with beetroot, now that must be good!! I love rassavangi but I somehow thought it was made with brinjals only..duh!
Happy Sankranti to you too!

Cham said...

I got to give a try this one, sounds delicious!
Happy Sankranthi !

aipi said...

looks so vibrant n colorful..a keeper recipe!

US Masala

Sush said...

Happy Sankaranti to you too. Even I make something similar. Nice capture Vani.

Prathibha said...

I love beetroot..looks very appetizing dear..happy snakranti 2 u

veena said...

looks delicious, thanks for sharing :)

Priya said...

Happy pongal wishes to u and ur family..Very delicious and catchy rasavangi..

Cham said...

Actually I made this beet yest night, got to admit we all loved it. Thanks for sharing this unusual recipe!

Sanjeeta kk said...

Would love to try this lovely recipe of beet. Looks good.

Vandana Rajesh said...

Nice and colourful...have to try this one.

Vani said...

Thanks, guys!

Cham - so glad you tried it and liked it too! thx for letting me know.

Michelle said...

Happy new year, and best of luck on a great 2011!