Fifth Blog Anniversary - 2nd & 3rd Giveaways

Thanks for all the wishes and the interest in the first giveaway. That is still open, by the way. In case you're interested and have not left a comment or emailed me, please do so on or before Aug 20th.

I couldn't wait to announce the next ones. So excited about this!

"Subbamma's Store" is a small hole-in-the-wall shop that makes and sells the most amazing Kannadiga snacks, masala powders, special papads and even some specialty pickles and powders. They have been around for many decades and are a must-visit for anyone venturing into South Bangalore. Mention "Basavangudi" to a Bangalorean and chances are that Subbamma will figure somewhere in the conversation! They are well known for their "huragalu" (fried lentils), "congress and communist kadlekai" (varieties of fried masala peanuts) and holiges (obbaattu/puran polis). I bought some amla thokku the last time that was truly out of this world! For this giveaway, I will send two lucky folks (hence 2nd and 3rd) a selection of the store's goodies.

For a visual treat of some of their stuff, head over to One Hot Stove. (Thanks for sharing this, Nupur).

Here is one more post that talks about this very interesting shop.

As before, just leave a comment that you'd like to participate in this draw. If something from Nupur's post caught your attention, do mention that as well and I'll try to include that in your selection, if you are one of the winners. I can ship this only within India again. The next giveaway will be open to all, I promise! Please leave a comment mentioning your interest (or email me at mysoorean at gmail dot com, for non-bloggers) on or before Aug 21. I will draw the winners on Aug 22nd.

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