Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Thai Pumpkin Curry

The one thing I don't miss about the US is Halloween. I hate that. I really do. I understand the kids have fun and all that. And it is kinda cute to see small kids in cute costumes trick-or-treating. But the older kids & adults with their scary costumes really freak me out. So come Halloween, I'd stick around during the early hours to greet & treat the little kiddos and by 6ish head out of the house for dinner or a movie or something, just to avoid those macabre-looking folks whom I'd have to greet with a fake smile while inside I'd be going "aaaarggghh!!".

Now that I'm in Bangalore I had quite forgotten about Halloween. No in-your-face Halloween themed displays anywhere, you see. Come Oct 31, I was happily taking Baby S for a stroll in my colony when I spotted a Spider Man. Then a princess. And I went "uh-oh! It's followed me here too!". Since there was no escaping this one, I quickly ran out and got some candy. And our door bell rang and rang and rang. Close to 50 kids, including M. I quite liked this Halloween, I must say. These were little and older kids, most of whom I knew. Makes a lot of difference. You also realize how much smaller the world is getting now and how much more of a melting pot it has become. It is great that we celebrate festivals that are not necessarily ours. Great lesson to kids on acceptance & celebration of other cultures.

With N being out of town and the kids not caring much about food (in fact, M can happily live on love and fresh air!), I cook the most boring things these days. Easy but uninspiring stuff that I make sure include protein & veggies. Done. But every once in a while, I get all enthu and cook a nice dish or even a whole meal for myself. This was one of those. Had a small pumpkin, made a Thai curry and ate it all up! Good stuff. Add a dash of fish sauce, if you have. I did not but it still tasted so, so good.

Thai Pumpkin Curry

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1 small pumpkin, seeded, peeled and cut into thick cubes
1 cup coconut milk
1/2 cup water (or skip this, and make it 1.5-2 cups of coconut milk. I tried to make it light)
1 small onion
3-4 pods garlic
1 tbsp Red Curry Paste (I used store bought paste, Maesri brand)
1 heaped tsp palm sugar
1 tbsp lemon juice
1 tbsp cooking oil
a dash of fish sauce (I skipped this)
salt to taste


Make a paste of the onion, garlic and the red curry paste using a few tsps of water.
Heat oil in a pot. Fry the above paste until fragrant.
Add the pumpkin pieces, coconut milk, water, lemon juice, salt and sugar. Mix well and let it come to a boil.
Simmer and cook on low until the pumpkin is done.
Garnish with chopped Thai basil (which I did not have).
Serve with jasmine rice.

This curry goes to Kavitha's HCC- Healthy Lunch, an event started by Smita. Thanks, both!


Kalpana Sareesh said...

too good..

Sharmilee! :) said...

Skurrp..sounds new and interesting

Prathibha said...

I like pumpkin n hubby does not like it,so I dont get to experiment much wid it..looks yumm

lata raja said...

This curry is far far from anything to be called UNINSPIRING!
I am glad that now I have a good recipe to use up pumpkins that i can relish while interest the unsuspecting better half also!

Jaya said...

Well said -"lessons to kids on acceptance and celebration of other cultures"..liked the pumpkin Thai curry ..hugs and smiles

BongMom said...

Yeah I like that the kids celebrate everything available and the scary costumes are also okay with me. We live in a development so I get to see a lot of people I wouldn't have bothered to other wise :)
I don't like taking the kids out that much though because of the cold. This time I took all 4 of them in my car around the streets of our dev. and the little one was full of enthu running with the older ones and getting her loot.

I don't think I try vegetarian much when we go to eat Thai so this definitely looks new and very appealing

Priya said...

Super delicious pumpkin curry..would love to enjoy with a bowl of rice..

aipi said...

Perfect fall recipe ~ lovely flavors in there!

Miri said...

Really ? Halloween in Bangalore?! My daughter would love this fear- any excuse to play dress up!

The curry looks super creamy and delicious!

Sharmila said...

Vani ... I've been craving Thai so much recently that last night dunked in a lot of veggies in coconut milk and curry paste and slurped away. I do have half a packet of coconut milk left and a decent sized pumpkin in the fridge now ... so ... thank you, thank you for this recipe. :-)

Priti said...

That's looks delicious and nice recipe

Vani said...

Thanks, Kalpana, Priya, Sharmilee, Aipi Priti :)

Pratibha - yeah, totally understand that :)

Lata di - thanks:) it was at an non-uninspiring moment that I decided to make this :)

San - heard about the snow and cold. chaperoning 4 kids - wow. Yeah, def a good way to say hello to neighbors you'd otherwise not meet. maybe I'll do the chaperoning next time (and that way avoid being home!) :)

Miri - welcome and thanks for the comment :)

Jaya - true, na? celebrate the good stuff :)

Sharmile - hope you got to try it :)

Kavi... said...

this is a great recipe! & so healthy too! please link it to my event too!
Kavi | Edible Entertainment

Ongoing event: Healthy Lunch Challenge

Vani said...

Kavi, thanks for the heads up about your event. Just updated and posted the link. Email probs- will email you in a bit.

Kavi... said...

thanks so much! :)
Kavi | Edible Entertainment

Ongoing event: Healthy Lunch Challenge

Arch said...

Halloween in Bangalore ? Wow !!
This dish looks interesting, love pumpkin and Thai, so this is an amazing combination for me !!

Sharmila said...

Made this Vani ... and loved it immensely. Had palm candy ...crushed it to sugar. And made the curry paste myself. Loads of thanks ... will make it again. :-)

Rumana Rawat said...

Lovely curry dear and u have a lovely blog too:)

Sumee said...

Halloween in b'lore ? That's funny, prbly coz too many US returned over there now.
first time on your blog... Nice space. I like this recipe using thai paste with pumpkins. Happy to follow you. :o)

Aarthi said...

Awesome..Thanks for posting this..First time here..I am your new follower..Do check my blog sometime..


Sushma Mallya said...

Looks so yummy ....will try this soon:)

Seema said...

hey Vani,

Cant tell you how glad i'm to see a kannada recipe like the one my mom makes:)... I'm a bangalorean and really like your blog. did try the veg kurma today and it was awesome!...thanks for the wonderful blog :) it feels so nostalgic when i hear any kannada :)

Kavi said...

Hey Vani! Thanks so much for linking your entry to my HCC event & making it a huge success! Find your entry in the Roundup Part I , Part II or Part III (to be uploaded tomorrow)
Kavi | Edible Entertainment
Would love to have your entries in my ongoing events:
Jingle All The Way &
Microwave Easy Cooking

Vani said...

SHarmila - thanks for the feedback. Glad you loved it, immensely that too :)

Arch - yup, right here in BLR! :)

Sumee - welcome! and thanks for following. Not just from US, but generally from around the world folks are coming back home in hordes now.

Seema - welcome! I know what you mean about getting happy seeing Kannada related things :)

Aarthi - welcome & thanks! Left you a comment and added you to my reader.