Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hurali Idli - Horsegram Idlies

I avoided making idlies in the US. Despite using the preheated oven technique and all that, I never liked how the idli batter turned out. Now in Bangalore, I make idlies a few times a month and with a never-go-wrong recipe from my mom, they are always soft and fluffy. (Will post that too. I realize I don't have any idlies and dosas on my blog). I found a packet of horsegram (hurali/kulith/kollu) in the back of my freezer and made idlies with these, packed with nutrition. I love the taste of hurali, especially in saaru and palya. But the whole soaking, grinding process is a bit much for a lazy person like me to make it often and especially since N does not particularly care for it. Idlies, at least here, work well for me as do dosas/adais from this legume.

Hurali Idli


2 cups idli rice
3/4 cup horsegram
1/2 tsp methi seeds
a handful of poha
water for soaking and grinding
salt to taste


Soak the rice/methi and horsegram in water separately for 5-6 hours. Soak the poha for about 15-20 mins, before grinding.
Grind the horsegram first to a smooth batter, adding a little water. Then grind the rice, methi and poha and add to the horsegram batter.
Add salt and mix them all together.
Let it ferment overnight (or 8-10 hours).
Grease idli moulds and steam for 10-12 minutes.
Serve with chutney or sambar.


Anonymous said...

Diid not know idlis could be made with horsegram too... I must try this weekend! DId the batter rise as the usual rice - urad batter? Any precautions to get the fermentation right? thanks. Rajani.

Prathibha said...

ur horse gram idlis reminds me that ,I hv a pack of horse gram sitting in freezer which is to b used..nice idlis,I also do this

Prathibha said...

ur horse gram idlis reminds me that ,I hv a pack of horse gram sitting in freezer which is to b used..nice idlis,I also do this

Manasi said...

These look fantastic and what surprised me was, no urad daal!
I am so bookmarking this and will hop over tot he Indian store to get kulith. Thank u:)

Sumi said...

Super healthy Idli..unique recipe.Thanks for sharing

Cham said...

We make rasam with horsegram and few other items weekly once, but idlis are super cool one never even thought :) Excellent!

Vani said...

Rajani - yes, the battier does rise but not a whole lot. The trick is to grind the horsegram really smooth and the rice mildly coarse. The poha also helps in the softness. Do let me know how they turned out.

Prathibha - oh the stuff one discovers in the back of the freezers! Glad my post reminded you of yours :)

Manasi - yup, no urad dal and still soft :) Tastes different though, with horsegram. But in a nice way.

Sumi- thanks :)

Cham - and I make dosas and adais with them too. Comes out good.

Jayashree said...

I like the earthy taste of horsegram. Haven't tried using it in idli.

Pramod said...

Vani Madam,

Your post on Hurali Idly was truly inspiring, I made it today. It was so nice that the wife and kids refused to believe that it was horse gram and no urad dhal was used. I must tell you, a very nice companion to this is the Nati Koli Saaru ( prepared previous night). Recipe for the same is found here..(