Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Two Giveaways

Remember the five giveaways for the 5th blogiversary? Long overdue, but I'm finally announcing the fourth and fifth giveaways.

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The first (or fourth!) is a recipe book of appetizers that has 150 snacks, dips, pat├ęs, quick bites and first courses, with beautiful photographs. I bought this book a while ago for the giveaway and while it has never been opened or used (I have my own copy of this), the front cover does show some wear with the umpteen moves it went through. Apologies in advance for that to whoever gets it. It is a big book with large print and lovely, glossy pictures of some really great recipes. You will love this. This giveaway is open to all, bloggers and non-bloggers, anywhere in the world.

Pic Courtesy: Nupur of One Hot Stove

The last giveaway is a repeat of the second giveaway, a selection of goodies from the famous Subbamma Stores of Bangalore but this time, it is only for folks in the US, as promised earlier. Check Nupur's pictures for some of their yummy stuff.

Please leave a comment here or email me at mysoorean at gmail dot com or leave a message on the FB page, to let me know which one (or both) you'd like. If you are in the US and would like the Subbamma stores goodies, you can also let me know if there is anything in particular that you'd like to try. I will not publish comments on this post. Will use a random number generator to choose the giveaway winners. This is open until Feb 29th.

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