Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Egg Pulao & 6th Blogiversary

The reason I haven't forgotten my blog birthday so far is because it was started the same week as my daughter's birthday. Both turned six this past week. Thank you all, dear readers, for still being around with me. I appreciate that you took time out of your day to come check my blog. If you have any comments, suggestions or requests, please leave a comment here or email me at mysoorean at gmail. Thanks again, and virtual hugs your way.

Little Miss M and her two current best friends were carted to a gaming place with an anytime pizza/pasta buffet, where they spent four full hours playing and eating. Then we had a few more kids over at our house in the evening for cake and more eats. It was the day of Varamahalakshmi festival and we changed into ethnic wear later in the evening and went for haldi-kumkum. Next day was a trip to the zoo. All in all, a long but satisfying birthday weekend for M. The little fellow was in the thick of things. Hovering around, peeking, playing, poking - very interested in what everyone did. He fed a giraffe at the zoo and that was the highlight for him.

Coming to the dish, it was my sister who got me hooked to Pakistani biryani masalas. Have tried two different Shan biryani masalas and loved them both. I usually make vegetable or egg biryanis. Last time over, I tried the Laziza brand Sindhi biryani masala. They come in convenient sachets (two) within a box, one of which I used to make chicken biryani for Father's Day, following their recipe. It was spicy, hot and utterly delightful. The masala itself is very flavorful and contains dried plums with seeds along with the other regulars (red chillies, pepper, cumin, coriander, cloves, cardamom, cinnamom, dried ginger and dried garlic). For a quick weeknight dinner, I used the other sachet to make an easier egg pulao. Delightful again. Have you tried any Pakistani masalas? If so, any favorites?

Egg Pulao


1 cup rice, washed, drained and kept aside for 15-20 mins
2 eggs, hard boiled
1 medium onion, sliced
1 medium tomato, chopped
1 tbsp chopped cilantro
1/4 cup peas (optional)
1-2 green chilies
2 tbsp Sindhi Biryani Powder
1 cup coconut milk
1 cup water
1 tbsp oil
salt to taste


In a pressure pan, heat oil and saute onions until slightly browned. Using a slotted spoon, remove about a tbsp and keep aside.
Add chopped tomatoes, peas if using, green chilies, cilantro and biryani powder.
Season with salt and mix well.
Halve or quarter the eggs and place them in the pan while the masala in being cooked.
Once the tomatoes are soft, remove the eggs and keep them aside. You could also shallow fry the eggs at this stage and keep aside but I just left them as is.
To the masala, add the soaked and drained rice and mix well.
Add coconut milk, water and salt to taste. (You could skip coconut milk altogether and just add another cup of water instead)
Cover and cook for one whistle. Switch off stove and let cool.
Transfer to a serving bowl/plate and top with eggs. Garnish with the reserved onions and some chopped cilantro. Serve with raita.


Suman Arthy said...

Wow 6th anniversary? I never know what is all about blogging even 2 years ago....anyway congrats dear and many more years to come...

Suman Arthy said...

Do visit my blog if time permits

Sushma Madhuchandra said...

Six years!! Great going Vani. Keep up the great work. How are you & where are you these days?

Nagashree said...

Congratulations to you for keeping the blog active and Happy birthday to both kids :-)

Priti said...

Congrats dear and Happy Birthday to your DD too ....wish both many more years ahead

Kurinji said...

Happy blog anniversary.....

Mandira said...

Your little one is six already? Happy blog anniversary and wishing you many more to come! The pulao looks fantastic.

Kannada Cuisine said...

love the composition

Vani said...

Suman - welcome! and thanks :)

Sush - doing good. we're back again in the US now. Long story.. :)

Thank, Nagashree. Yeah, I'm surprised too but then, I never sweat about posting. I do when I can and don't worry when I can't.

Thanks, Priti and Kurinji :)

Mandira- yes, she is. can you believe? Time really flies, right? and thanks for the wishes.

KC - thanks, S :)

BongMom said...

Many, many wishes on the 6th birthday of both your kids. As far as I remember the blog is older by a few months ?
Love to read you Vani, do keep the blog going.
I was a big fan of Shaan Biryani masala too until I found Mallugirl's recipe. Also there is a Parampara masala which is good.

Vani said...

Thanks, San! I actually went back to check when I first posted to make sure I got it right. It was the same week as M's day. not the same day. So thanks to you, made the correction :) I think I know why you thught it was a few months before M was born - coz I'd posted on placenta previa and had connected with you on that.
WIll look up Mallugirl's blog. Tried Parampara masalas when I was in NJ and found that they all tasted the same back then. Will try their biryani masala again.

Priya said...

6 years of blogging,omg thats really tremendous. Happy birthday to ur blog baby.

Egg pulao looks irresistible and prefect to celebrate this particular day.

kitchen queen said...

Hi U have a nice blog.U too can visit my blog and give ur valuable comments.

sra said...

Happy Birthday to both your babies! Still remember posts about Baby M from long ago.

Now that you mention the plums, I'm desperate to find this masala somewhere, not sure if they're available here!

Sue said...

Happy Bday to little M ..I love Shan masalas too and I,ve cooked with their Sindhi Biriyani masala and another one the Memoni biriyani masala which is divine too..havent found it here yet, dunno where the Total malls in blr north r :0)

Nupur said...

Happy blog birthday and wishing you many more years of food and fun! I do like the Shaan biryani masalas. In fact just today I bought some Shaan bombay biryani masala to try making a quick chickpea biryani. Will let you know how it tastes :)

Vani said...

Priya - thanks, sweetie.

KQ - welcome and thanks for your comment. Will visit your blog

Sra - thanks. Oh yeah, time flies! M started first grade today already :( That masala is amazing, Sra. I did find some Pakistani biryani masalas in Bangalore, though I don't remember specific ones. I hope u get them there too.

Su- thanks, hon! Now I gotta get my hands on the Memoni masala next. I remember seeing it in one of the Indian grocers. Tomorrow is my Indian grocery day. You know what I'll pick up.. :)

Nupur - thanks for the wishes. My Pakistani neighbor swears by Shaan Bombay biryani masala. Chickpea biryani sounds good!

LifenSpice said...

Best wishes on the 6th birthday of your blog baby and little M. Good to know M had a great time. That egg pulao looks great. I haven't tried making biryani with store bought powders so far. But I would love to try this sometime.

Thanks for the message you left. I am doing good dear. Just stuck in a dark place, need sometime to get out:) Will be back soon with some recipes. Take care.

Uj said...

Congratulations Vani, 6th anniversary..great..Wishing Little M too a very very happy birthday. I used to silently follow your blog and it is still one of my fav blogs that I keep looking up :) wishing you many more years of happy blogging

Siri said...

Hearty Congratulations on your 6th blog-o-anniversary Vani. Happy Birthday to the kiddo too. the pulao looks so colorful and appetizing and eggs, I adore them. :-)


Vani said...

Thanks, Kay, Uj and Siri!

Sailaja @ Indian Food said...

Belated birthday wishes to your little one.

Happy blog anniversary, Vani. Time flies for sure..:)

Archana Kumar said...

Congrats Vani and happy birthday to your little girl. Sounds like such a fun day for the kids.
A cousin once sent me a Sindhi biryani masala from UK and it was awesome. I saw Shan masala in a store here once and it works really well...

Swati Raman Garg said...

:) wowww... 6 yrs.. kudos to u guys who manage it all so well... i got lost... but am trying to get back... u know i am egg crazy! anyhting egg.. i have bookmarked this one....

Vani said...

Thanks, Sailu, Arch and Swati!