Thursday, January 03, 2013

The Fifty-2 Weeks of 2013 Project - Week 1 - New Year Resolutions

One of the (many) things I'm deficient in is discipline. I never make New Year or any-other-time-of-the-year resolutions because I know how long they last with me!  So when I first saw this interesting post from Sra about the Project Fifty-2 Weeks of 2013, my first thought was, "This is not for me". I couldn't see myself posting something once a week regularly. I once did a 5-day posting "marathon", where I vowed to post everyday for 5 days and I was exhausted by the time the fifth day rolled in. I think I took a month long break after that! :)

For some reason, that same project post popped up again on my reader and I took it to be a sign. After all, I am consciously trying to do better in many aspects of my life. And this project is an opportunity to push myself a bit further, get past my casual "chalta hai" attitude. And while at it, why not make some resolutions too, since that is the theme for the week. (Though truth be told, this could very easily have been as long a post about why I shouldn't make any!) Not resolutions for the year, mind you but starting small, with things-I-must-do for the month of January, 2013. So here is my must-do list for this month.

1. Fitness (yawn! :)- Many months ago, I joined a gym. The main draw was of course NOT those swanky machines where you burn calories and tone muscles you never even knew you had, but what looked like fun group classes, and I chose zumba, yoga and spinning. The first month went well, with me sweating it out for an hour each day, five days a week. I felt good and could see my stamina building. The problem area, my abs, was starting to look half-way decent too. Then, I thought the spinning class was a bit boring and more painful than fun, so I dropped that. Then, the gym changed their class schedules and one of the zumba classes got dropped due to time conflict. Then we went on a vacation and it has gotten even more sporadic. So now, my fitness routine is just an intermittent, half-hearted non-regimen. So the fitness resolution for this month is-
cardio - twice a week
yoga - twice a week
strength training - at least once a week 

2. Meditation - Long ago, a company I worked for conducted a Transcendental Meditation program. The 20 minutes recommended for that felt like an hour to me. But we, as a group, tried and would mediate for 20 minutes each day. It lasted maybe a month or two at the most. And that was that. Since last year though, another program from the Art of Living Foundation has gotten me started on various meditation and breathing techniques and I have experienced first hand the benefits of doing so. But again, it has not been a regular effort. So my resolution for this month is to meditate at least thrice a week.

3. Family Time - Evenings disappear in a slew of activities but with hardly any quality time with the family. So I'll be scheduling family time for half an hour each weekday where we do some activity together. Mealtimes are often scattered and varied for each one. So I'll be making eating at the dining table together a priority, as part of that.

4. Clearing clutter - It is amazing how quickly we tend to accumulate things, even when trying consciously not to! Living in a relatively smaller house that way has some advantages. We don't buy many things simply because we don't have enough storage space (like the Christmas tree that the kids wanted). And we have been regularly clearing a lot of our stuff, especially lately - clothes, toys, knick knacks etc. Yet, our cupboards, closets and shelves are brimming to the edges. My resolution for the month is to donate at least a 13 gallon bagful of things from the house. Plus if I buy one new thing, I'm gonna give away an old one

I thought of many more but let me start with these at least. I will post on how well or bad I did next month. I hope that putting it out there might help maintain those goals!

Have you made any resolutions or have set any goals for 2013?

And if you'd like to participate in this project, check out Sra's post and the Facebook page. The beauty of this project is that you can interpret the weekly themes the way you want and in the media you like -  pictures, writing or any other art form. Just post them on the FB page. Wanna join us?


PriyaVaasu said...

hi vani, yours and mine looks more or less the same dear!!! i think most of us do that Fitness Resolution!!! And Clutter don't even ask!!! :) Fingers Crossed, would love to get back into my Fitness Regime!!!

sunila said...

Good stuff Vaans, mine r more all round fitness and starting up a small yoga centre and more writing n singing....hazaaron khwaahishein..

sra said...

Interesting, Vani! It made me think that since I do most of these things, maybe my resolution should be to lighten up - my day and myself. My own post should be up soon.

Hamaree Rasoi said...

Nice resolutions for the new year. Glad that you shared with us to know more about you.

Aparna said...

I think I need to do #1 on your list and make it a year long resolution. I'm such a procrastinator!

Knit-a-holic said...

I enjoyed reading your blog! I also joined the challenge because I am tired of the way I am living and I just want to better myself. Fitness and health is one of my top priorities this year. I wish you success and happiness in 2013.

Vani said...

Priya - good to know you have similar resolutions too. Yeah, fitness and health related are the most common goals we set for ourselves. Hope your goals will be met!

Suni - I added strength training because of you, really :) Twas the one thing I never paid much heed to earlier. May all the hazaar khwaishes come true for you. I hope writing includes your poetry too.

Sra - I need to lighten up as well, come to think of it! Looking forward to your post

Deepa - thanks, darl

Aparna - I'm one too. BUt putting it out there helps - kinda makes you accountable and then you do it (or at least that's the hope for me here!) :)

Knit - thanks for the lovely vomment. Glad you joined in too. Thanks for the NY wishes. wish you the best for 2013.

Veena Theagarajan said...

All the best for your new resolution.. I too hv resolutions similar to you. I agree it fades away as day progress in the year.. Hope 2013 is diff
Again all the best

Cham said...

Happy New Year to you and ur family. I love #4 and the sentence: buy one and give away one probably two for me :)
I saw Sra post - even weekly would be a great challenge for me :)

Bong Mom said...

Happy New Year dear girl and spread the happiness with N, M and S.

Love your resolutions.Like the spending time part. Same scenario happens at home, how the evening passes by is hard to understand. Reading your resolution I spent solid 30 mins today playing train and a weird game of pushing blocks through some hole with LS alone. Have to figure out ways to make it more interesting for me ;-) That girl will not play things I suggest

Archana Kumar said...

Thats an inspiring list Vani. My resolutions are pretty muchon the same lines, beginning with fitness and weight reduction, always !
Hope you live up to all your goals. Have a great year ahead...

Jayashree said...

Happy new year, Vani. Good luck with the resolutions V..just want to give you a heads up and say these are definitely do-able.
De-cluttering is something that I did on a major basis as soon as we set up home in Mumbai and now it has become an ongoing thing. For the last few months, I have effectively put into pratice that when I buy one- I give one away.

Priya said...

Good luck with ur resolutions Vani, i have given up taking resolutions since a long as i usually drop them after a week.

Happy new year to u and ur family.

Nagashree said...

Awww Vani, felt so good to read the post (and feel I am not alone in this :-)), thanks for sharing.

Here is wishing you every success with your resolutions for 2013 & beyond.

Vani said...

Veena - thanks and hoping this year will be one of successful resolutions for you too!

Cham - oh yeah, it is a challenge for me too. Let's see how well I do. ANd thanks for the wishes :)

San - Thanks for the wishes. I know what you mean. They are utterly fascinated with small things and can do it forever, it would seem. Plus it is also a challenge to find things that could occupy them both equally and then fit us there too.

Arch - thanks. I hope you live up to yours too this year. Have a fun, healthy and fit 2013!

Jay - thanks for the ny wishes. the one thing that has been good with all our moves was clearing up of stuff. Glad you've been keeping that up. I hope I will too :)

Priya - thanks, and a very happy new year to you all too!

N - that is sweet. and thanks for the wishes :)

Mahesh said...

Lot of work to do in January. All the very best.

Sushma Madhuchandra said...

Looks like we both (or most women as such!) think alike. I so agree on the fitness & decluttering part!
Happy New Year.
Good luck with the resolutions.